Sunday, December 18, 2011


I have just come back from Vicky's taking some photos of her boobies! I can totally verify that she is 100% female and those are 100% her F-cup boobies (no silicone!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

I do Shapes!

Turns out that I am not too shabby at making shapes and that is useful! As you all might know, I made my own shape and Vicky's shape and Enochs too (not that he is on much)

Today I had my first proper commission! I was contacted in world by a really nice guy, and as we were chatting I told him I make shapes.... mostly female but male are not totally unheard of :))

After a day I had his basic shape down and went out to get some demo hair and skin to recommend with the shape, he was very happy and I helped him get both Skin and AO to go with his new shape even managed to get to a shop or two! (ty Elle for the awesome shop!)

In the end he paid 500 for the skin, 300 for a new AO and 100 for hair, and 320 for a nice pair of trousers! soo basically 1000 Linden for a whole new Him.

I made a nice little bundle too and am getting that Kimono I wanted.

So if you looking for a new shape and a personal shopper, I am your Girl.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The need for sitting

When you start off in second life you are never off your feet.

 Finding all the Freebie shops, dancing trying pose balls. All well and good but!
After a while you notice something strange, the more you make your Avi into what you want her to be the more you care about her, and caring about her means making sure she is comfortable...which means sitting. Sitting in a pretty place helps me relax in Real Life let alone in SL.

A lovely serene garden
A desert with wild animals
A seaside with waves lapping at your feet
A deep dark Wood
A yellow cornfield

All of these things make me feel better, and help me relax. That is what I am in SL for, to relax and get away from everyday trouble and strife

So don't forget to find a nice place for your Avi to rest her weary legs


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vin Pro pic

Vin Pro pic by Natacha Haroldsen
Vin Pro pic, a photo by Natacha Haroldsen on Flickr.

This is my new profile picture it is sooo lovely thank you so much Nat

Vin sexy show time !

Ohhh! look at me!
dont I look tasty

<3 V.T

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Son, about those hairy palms....

You know that feeling, where you look at yourself in the mirror and think "Hey, these fangs, this excess body hair and the compulsion to harvest Lumen just make me feel like an outsider. Just why is it that i am different to all my friends?".

Well, your friends may be vampires (which makes them cool) or humans (which makes them tasty), but you, it would seem, have found yourself to be among a select group known to the layperson as werewolves. Chances are that if you were a furry, or a neko, you would probably feel ok about that, but being a werewolf is something that comes and goes, which can be confusing. Almost as confusing as when your dad is also your mom.

Yup, this blog entry is about Zeke, who was minding his own business, savaging villagers and howling at the moon, when he receieved the alarming news that he was, in fact, pregnant. I`m not sure how he took this, as he if usually online when i am not (something due to lunar hormonal cycles no doubt) and we have never met, but when i heard of his rather unique situation, i felt compelled to write a little something about him. Oh yes, sorry to inform you, but you may be pregnant too and this applies to male readers, be they of wolfy nature or no.

Vicky Caramel (previously known as Vinvella), alerted me to all of this a few days back. I had planned to write something about second life relationships as my debut on Vinter's blog. This being largely as i have just entered a second life partnership and the whole online couple thing struck me as something that none of us have got the hang of yet. Anyway, Vicky raised the subject of pregnancy on Vinter's group-chat and in but a few moments i found myself in a second life clinic, looking at pictures of babies and what purported to be a "pregnancy test", telling me if my avatar was "up the spout".

I took the test and was told i was not pregnant, but that i had to look for "alpha males" and "onduty" men in order to become so. I guess this means that policemen and other hunky types are highly fertile, but the alpha thing may explain Zeke's unique predicament. Maybe werewolves are just too healthy for their own good and even looking at a poseball can get them "up the duff".

Oh yes, poseballs, apparently they can get you pregnant too, so be careful what you sit on -Seems balls got tired of being on men and have embarked on a solo impregnation career.

So, i spoke to Vicky and tried to find out more. As i did so i looked over the advertising and tried to figure out just what a "unisex" baby actually was and why anyone would want one over the male and female options on sale. She told me a tale of something that was a little like bloodlines, which we all know well from this blog, but without any consent at all. Replace "bite request" with simply being told "you're pregnant" and you are about where it's at. There is even a master list of pregnant avatars in the clinic and all they had the misfortune of doing was running into someone running round using their Prim-Wang as a nuisance spray gun in public or they may have sat on a poseball that someone has tampered with. It is a lot like people spiking your drinks at a bar and is really no fault of the avatar involved.

I spoke to Vicky about this and asked her thoughts. Some of these i cant really print here, which shows that she was none too keen, but she had put a lot of thought into it and had some strong things to say, especially as she has gone through all this (the normal way) in real life.

Vicky says...."Why would anyone in second life want to do this? Don't most of us come to second life to escape our kids, washing and husbands? I think they are nuts, in fact, i can't imagine that anybody who has actually been pregnant would want to do this".

Vicky goes on to say..."I don't give a monkey about bloodlines or who has my "soul", but the idea that i could sit on something, have somebody jizz on me or what-not and get pregnant makes me feel violated".

Strong words, especially as we are alluding to what appears to be virtual rape and impregnation or something that is very close to it. It isn't hard to see what the makers of this bizarre HUD and clinic have to gain from it all, as there are prim babies on sale as one would expect. It did not take much to see that there was something even more insidious going on, which i realised when i ran into this poster...

It's a little small on the picture, but the posters rather distastefully says "want to get rid of that baby?" and advertises a pill that will do the job, for only 150 lindens. Thats right, they put you on a database and are charging you 150L to take you off again. So we have moved from virtual rape into robbing people at gunpoint. Vinter tells me that she is on their "list" and is 450 days overdue. She is seriously considering paying up, not least to prevent some kind of "alien film dinner scene" whereby she asplodes all over her gathered bloodlines clan. Can vampires even get pregnant? Has Vinter become sparkly?

This all freaked me out, so i went outside and took a breather. Things then proceeded to become worse. In short order i ran into a visitor to the clinic, a strapping black man who offered to help me get a baby of my own....apparently in the old fashioned manner....despite coming in with his girlfriend. I then went out and saw a shop across the road that boasted "we also sell babies" and the advert was textured to look like grafitti scrawled on the wall as if it were a crack den. I wont post the picture below as it is just too twisted for words, but if you really want to see, go there for yourself and look around. People may grumble about bloodlines, or meeroos, but at least they are regulated and involve consent and a way to opt out (garlic necklace, dont buy a meeroo). Even after writing this blog, i dont know what to make of all this, so see this as a heads up and a healthy warning that even after stooping low, someone on second life will always find a shovel and the urge to get digging.

As to Zeke, well, he's propably accepting gifts of baby booties, prams and hogtied villagers. This blogger, however, has not been told the due date...but it's probably after he visits the clinic and leaves it a smoldering ruin.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to become a Blood Merchant

I'm kind of looking for a job... I tell a lie, I don't do 'jobs', only fools and horses work. What I'm actually looking for is a business.

What with going around Bloodlines shops and seeing that you can become a vendor, with me writing about the cost of blood, It occurred to me that I could become one of those Blood merchants that I have heard so little about.

There is virtually no mention of them on the slBloodlines website, and I couldn't find any mention of them on Google, so I decided to ask around. Nobody seemed to know anything, or they weren't talking. I was beginning to think that being a blood merchant wasn't strictly kosher.

Eventually somebody agreed to talk to me, I need to protect my sources, so I will only refer to them as 'Deep Throat'.

What they told me you gotta do to be a blood merchant is set up a whole bunch of e-mail addresses, then set up a whole load of ALTs. Then you drain them dry and sell the blood on.

But of course, all those ALTs are hard work to set up, so you gotta squeeze the most out of them. So you buy them HUDs, and sell their souls. Yes, some people prefer to buy souls rather than get the satisfaction of hunting them... go figure!

Of course, that's all easier said than done! First off you need to hide your IP so that Linden doesn't see you signing up for all the ALTs which in it's self is a lot of work. Then you need to drain them all one at a time, even with a spike this is going to be time consuming. And you need Casks to keep the blood in.

Unless you are doing this to order, you are going to need to find buyers. So you need a well connected middle man to hook you up, and he will want his cut. Obviously, having gone to all the trouble of hiding your activities from Linden Lab, you don't want to blow it all by trying to sell to a snitch!

Next you need to buy these ALTs a HUDs out of your own pocket, turn them, liege them to an ALT and then sell the whole lot. You can't do this at the flick of a switch, you have to manually do all this! While you might be able to run a script for the sign-up process, I would think this has to be done manually.

You either want to do it real quick, or do it real crafty so that Bloodlines don't stop the caper before you are done.

And then when it's all done, you need to cash in your money, close your account and disappear before they get onto you.

So what's it worth?
The true value of a litre of blood is actually about L$59.80, although most people take it from the Shot price @ L$56. So to find a customer you need to be selling at a few linden dollars below this to make it worth anybody's while. It is negotiable but, the lower your price, the less your profit. I hear that 48-50 is reasonable on the blackmarket.

So on 1 email address, thats 20 ALTs, you are going to make L$4800.

Then you can make money on selling souls. You need to outlay for the HUDs, which is 20x L$600. Then you can sell from between L$650 trade and L$750 retail price. So you can make L$150 on each which is  L$3000.

Making a grand total of L$7800 profit for every 20 ALTs you produce.

So I tried making a couple of ALTs ~  I know what you are thinking, but these two were for legitimate purposes, And you have my word that neither will ever end up as blood-dolls!

The sign-up was quicker than I thought, but you still have to document their usernames and passwords, log them in etc. And then there would be all the moving around, the biting and stuff. In my estimation, even if you were really quick, you aren't going to make minimum wage.

That's not taking into consideration the risk of getting caught and banned from either SecondLife or Bloodlines. You can keep it small scale and reduce risk, or on an industrial scale and increase turnover, either way I just can't see that it's worth doing. This especially when you consider that it's all 'graft' and no 'grift', and there are so many other business opportunities to be had that are work-once-get-paid-forever. So I won't be a blood merchant or blackmarket soul dealer any time soon.

If you can buy blood at under L$56, then I can't say I blame you. Want to buy souls? You have to live with yourself.

Personally, I think you'd be better off just paying the noobs for their blood and souls, at least that's above board, and probably less work. Who knows, some of them may even turn out to be a bit useful.

Well it was interesting to peer at the dark underbelly of the Bloodlines game. I hear rumour of other cheats and hacks which I may just have to investigate at a later date, I love cons tricks and scams.